What If The SHTF Event Never Happens?


If you’re a prepper, then you obviously understand how fragile our modern world really is. Our grocery stores are only one missed delivery away from being depleted, the sun could send a CME our way and plunge us back into the dark ages at any point and its evident that the various governments of the world are doing their very best to drag us into the worst economical catastrophe in human history.

That being said, we have done a pretty good job over the last 100 years or so to make sure that the modern, convenient façade that’s been placed over society stays intact. Today, most people go about their daily lives, blissfully ignorant of the dozens of disasters that could happen at any moment, utterly denying even the existence of anything that requires too much concern or worry because in their mind “that will never happen to ME”.

Today we’re going to ask the question… What if they’re right?

What if the SHTF event we’re all preparing for never actually happens?

I know, I know…

“He’s no prepper!”

I think it’s important to keep something in mind here. Whether or not a SHTF disaster will ever actually happen isn’t the point. The possibility exists; just as much as the possibility exists that none of these disasters will ever happen either.

We simply don’t know what’s going to happen.


As preppers, we all need to remember that preparedness isn’t just about preparing for THE event or even several THE events. Real preppers prepare for everything. We structure our lifestyle to be self-reliant in good times and bad, no matter what. So, if we didn’t “prepare” for NOTHING to happen, we’re not really prepared are we?

How would being a prepper benefit us even if nothing happens?

Let’s identify just a few reasons why being a prepper can benefit you even if the big SHTF scenario never happens.

  • Real preppers aren’t afraid of losing their job or loss of income – A prepper is someone that takes responsibility and control of their own finances. Preppers tend to have a large savings, continue to build relationships with friends and coworkers, tend to have side incomes from varying sources, store enough food to not have to buy groceries for 6 months or more and develop skills that are not only useful in a disaster situation, but are highly marketable in everyday life. When it comes to a job loss, the prepper is going to be FAR more prepared to thrive than the average person.
  • Preppers don’t let themselves become victims – Most preppers understand that there are legitimate security threats everywhere, regardless if it’s in a disaster scenario or not. We train in self-defense, we lawfully carry weapons to defend ourselves if we have to, and we’ve prepared ourselves how to react to a high-stress confrontation effectively and responsibly. We’re situationally aware of the world around us, which is a very effective threat deterrent all by itself.  Compared to the average person, a prepper is MUCH less likely to become a victim of violence than the average Joe.
  • Preppers are natural born leaders – When you decided to start prepping, you made a conscious decision to take back some sort of control over your life. You recognized that something was wrong with the concept of dependence that our modern society has ignorantly adopted. You made a plan, stuck to it and developed a lifestyle that is sustainable, relying on only yourself for your survival. That decision took leadership. That decision meant that you were going to have to blaze your own trail and lead yourself and your family down it without the help of modern systems of dependence.  That kind of leadership skill can easily be adopted into every other aspect of daily life, especially your career.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s an EMP, Pandemic, Job loss, power outage or hordes of mutant biker gangs…preppers are always going to have food on the table – Food storage is one of the key components of being a prepper. Although a lot of preppers think about food storage only for a disaster scenario, it actually goes much farther than that. If you’re a prepper… no matter what happens, you’ll always have something to eat.

It’s very likely that within our lifetimes, SOMETHING is going to happen. There are far too many threats out there and our world has become far too dependent on fragile systems to function smoothly. However, no one knows when or IF that day will ever come and no one knows what it’s going to look like if and when it does. Prepping isn’t about the next doomsday disaster, it’s not all about guns and it’s not all about stockpiling. It’s about taking responsibility and it’s about leadership. We don’t need to wait until the end of the world as we know it to use those skills. Those skills will help us all each and every day whether disaster hits tomorrow or if nothing ever happens.

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  1. Cat

    Then we will be more blessed than we ever deserved. and we will still be more comfortable, knowledgeable, and resilient in forever trying to become more productive and safe human beings.

  2. Larry

    Then someone can make a fortune writing/publishing a cookbook with freeze dried foods recipes with details for making them more palatable. We’ve told our kids that in 25 years they will have to get together and share and start eating all our prepper food we have stored. Since I would be 91 by then, I also told them not to wait on me.

  3. Elise

    Exactly. Ultimately, even if nothing ever happens, prepping still gives me peace of mind: that we can be okay without anyone else.

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