What Does It Mean To Be A Modern Survivalist?


Modern Survivalism is more than just prepping. When most people think of prepping they think about food storage, guns and ammo and bugout bags. While all these things are important aspects of modern survivalism, they don’t define it. Modern Survivalism is a way of life. It is a decision that we’ve made to remove ourselves from the shackles of dependency that has been used to brainwash American society for over a hundred years. It’s about getting back to basics, re-learning the skills that kept our ancestors alive while responsibly taking advantage of technological advancements to continually improve our lives and the lives of others.


Modern Survivalists understand the fragility of the world we live in. They understand that our food, water and power supplies are a delicate web that can be disrupted without warning. We prepare to not only survive without these systems, but to continue our lives and thrive whether the conveniences are there or not. Modern Survivalists understand that there are thousands of threats to our way of life every day, both big and small and actively work to mitigate those threats in any way we can.


Modern Survivalists understand that there is an active movement to push society over the cliff of dependency. We don’t align ourselves with any side of government. We reject the idea of controlling others or the advancement of ourselves at the expense of others. We respect the differences in all people, even when we may not agree with them. We recognize the sovereignty of the individual and their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness in whatever form they choose.


Modern Survivalists take responsibility for their own safety and security. We recognize that dependency on security systems developed and administered by others removes control of our basic survival instincts. We are situationally aware. We are armed and we learn skills to defend the life and liberty of ourselves and others. We support those brave enough to defend our freedoms abroad and understand that supporting the solider is not the same as supporting a political agenda.


Modern Survivalists recognize the importance of living with nature and not against it. We have a symbiotic relationship with nature and recognize that if we take care of it, that it will provide us with more resources than we could ever possibly need. We garden, fish, trap and hunt responsibly, taking only what we need so that there will always be abundance.  We give back to the earth, repairing the damage done by generations of mismanagement. We accept the responsibility of our own nourishment and reject the attempts from modern agriculture and convenience foods to control our food sources.


Modern Survivalists understand that debt is cancer and that immediate gratification is a lie that has ruined the financial lives of millions. We happily sacrifice conveniences and excessiveness to protect our financial security. We work to untangle ourselves from the web of debt control that many of us have woven ourselves into. We understand that there REALLY is no such thing as a free lunch and that “easy credit terms” is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to assimilate us into an unsustainable economic system that benefits only the puppet masters of the banking and financial industries.


Modern Survivalism is not the easy road in life. It takes hard work, dedication and downright stubbornness to remove ourselves from the widely accepted forms of dependence and “convenience” that most of society simply sees as “the way the world works”. We understand that this is a lie, that the world works however we want it to, and we choose sustainability, responsibility and above all else, liberty.

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  1. Craig

    Well stated. Add God and you have a mission statement.

    1. Al & Arn


      1. 098

        God has nothing to do with survival…

        1. lonewolf


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