What Are The Top 3 Biggest Threats To The U.S. Right Now?

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We get asked fairly regularly by our readers about what we feel is the biggest SHTF threat facing the country today. I don’t think it would be accurate enough to limit this to one single event, but there are 3 distinct threats that America is currently facing. Today we will be discussing these threats and if there is anything we as preppers can do to prepare for them. All 3 of these threats are issues that America is currently facing now, and will continue to face in the near future.

Terrorist Attacks

America is under attack. For the last 15 years, the amount of confirmed terrorist attacks on the U.S., it’s citizens and its property has escalated at an alarming rate. With America’s increasing intervention in the affairs and politics of other countries, these attacks will continue to increase in frequency and intensity. It’s become fairly obvious to anyone that’s paying attention that Washington has no plans to cease military intervention in places like the Middle East; and because of this, we can pretty much guarantee that continued attacks against Americans are imminent.

So what can we do? It seems kind of daunting for just 1 individual to try and mitigate the risks of international terrorist attacks, but there are a few things we can do to help mitigate our risks.

  • If at all possible, avoid very large crowds. In most terrorist attack events, large groups have been targeted to ensure the greatest loss of life and damage. By avoiding large, outdoor public events as much as possible, you are at least lowering the chances that you’ll be in a potential target area.
  • Situational Awareness can save lives. Many attempted terrorist attacks have been thwarted by common citizens just being aware of what’s around them. In the last few years, half a dozen terrorist bombing attacks have been thwarted by citizens reporting suspicious activity.
  • Always carry a get home bag. A get home bag is simply a smaller version of a bugout bag. It allows you carry all the things you may need to get home safely if disaster strikes while away from home. During a potential terrorist attack, public transportation and roads may be closed for extended periods of time and a get home bag will be extremely helpful if you need to get home without transportation.

It may seem like these suggestions are kind of like trying to bail out a sinking ship with a Dixie cup. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty accurate analogy. Terrorist attacks can come out of nowhere, and although many of them every year are thwarted by the efforts of citizens and law enforcement; as you are well aware, many still succeed. In reality, all we can do is take small steps to try and mitigate the risks that we would be involved in a situation like this. Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot we can do, which is why Terrorist Attacks absolutely make our top 3 list of the most serious SHTF threats America is facing today.


Hyperinflation / Economic Collapse

From an economic standpoint, America has dug its own grave. It is a mathematical certainty that America will no longer be able to self-inflate its economy for much longer. We will not be able to borrow money from other countries and the American people will not be able to afford the hyperinflation of goods and services that our current economic system is creating. There will be a turning point of some kind. Whether that comes in the form of a currency revaluation or whether the government slashes national spending, either way the outcome is bleak for the American people who are not prepared to take back control of their financial lives.

Right now as we speak, the American government is operating without a spending cap. Immediately following the “agreement” regarding the debt ceiling in congress our national debt jumped over 1 trillion dollars seemingly overnight. Right now the American government is pumping more money into the economy and deflating the value of the dollar in such vast numbers that one has to believe that it’s simply the last act of desperation and that at some point soon, it will be time to pay the piper one way or another.

We’ve gone into detail about what we can do to mitigate the risks that an economic collapse can impose on our daily lives. To get more information about this threat and what you can do, check out the following posts:

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Attacks on Liberty and Privacy

America is slowly becoming a full-on police state. Due to extreme unconstitutional liberties taken by the government and the apathy to these crimes by a huge section of the American people, personal privacy and sovereignty is practically extinct in many areas of the country. Gun rights, freedom of the press and privacy have seemed to take a backseat to unconstitutional executive orders, escalated surveillance and even more government regulation. It’s almost humorous how much this country is starting to resemble fictional worlds in stores like Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

I could go on for another 10,000 words or more about government overreach, the constitution and the continued attacks on personal sovereignty and liberty in this country. However, there’s more than enough blogs out there that do that and do it better than I would. To finish up today, I’d like to ask every one of you out there to make a pledge to yourself as we try to navigate the crazy path this country is on.

Never stop fighting.

We are the last remnants of what was once the greatest and most successful experiment in the history of the world. America is, and still could be, the definition of true freedom and liberty. We were the antithesis of tyranny; but we have lost our way. As a country we’ve lost the pride and the ethics that made this country the shining example that all other lands strived to be. Instead of innovation we embrace convenience, instead of charity and tolerance we’ve embraced altruism, manipulated class warfare and traded our liberties for the illusion of security. You and I are the last of the true patriots left in this country. We truly are the last thorn in the side of the people that would trade this country for personal power and profits.

There are millions of people out there with their head buried so far in the sands of modern conveniences, bipartisan class warfare and flat out apathy that they can’t even see the changes going on around them. They shake their heads at us calling us “paranoid preppers” and “Extremists” and do everything they can to ignore our warnings and try to regulate how we live our lives for “our own good”. However, every day we are slowly waking up more and more of the sleeping populace of the country to the true nature of all the threats we are facing today and helping them start their journey towards preparedness and liberty. I ask that you pledge to continue fighting the good fight and making your free voice heard; because without you there is no America, and without your voice, there will be no one left to raise the warning signs that will help us prepare for all the threats we are sure to face.

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  1. Cory @aquarianbath

    I disagree with this, because I don’t see radioactive fallout in the top 3. There is radioactive fallout from Fukushima about to hit the west coast. Also the source of radioactivity is not secured. It is going into the Pacific ocean and killing fish along the west coast.


  2. Echo

    i guess maybe something is totally eluding me??? everyone talks about get home bags and 72hr kits/bags and bug out bags. why advocate that someone has to have all 3 bags to everyone?

    i don’t have a get home bag. but i do have my 72hr bag is in my truck. if i’m not at home when something goes down i am in my truck. in other words if my truck is not here it means that it’s out somewhere and i’m in it.

    now if someone is doing the car pool thing or riding mass transit? then yeah i can see having a small bag or a fanny pack with some stuff in it. if someone utilizes a bicycle to get around i can see having a small bag.

    but not everyone is going to need all three bags. and i see so many sites or pages pushing hard for everyone to have all three.

    1. Ready4ItAll

      I think it just depends on your situation. Personally I don’t have that much gear on me or my car unless im going out of town….but i don’t work very far from where I live. A walk home would only take a couple hours. If my commute was longer I would definitely have more gear in the car.

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