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Military Survival Guides

Air Force Manual 32-4005  Army- A Survival Scenario
Army Ranger Handbook  Caching Techniques (U.S. Army)
Counterinsurgency Warfare – Theory and Practice  Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms JP1_02 DOD
Domestic Support Operations  Emergency Chemical Training
Encyclopedia of Modern US Weapons  First Aid for Soldiers
FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery  fm21_10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation
FM21-76_SurvivalManual  Military – US Army Ranger Handbook
Military – US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76  Modern Weapons Caching
MRE INFO  Navy SEAL Breakthrough to Master Level Fitness-MANTESH
Navy Seal Patrol Leaders Handbook  Special Forces Caching Techniques – TC 31-29A
State-Local-Continuity-Guide(cpg1-10)  Survival – MCRP 3-02F FM 21-76
Survival Evasion and Recovery – MCRP 3-02H  The Art of War
United states army-fm 5-20  United states marine – mwtc summer
United states marine – mwtc winter  United states marine -mcrp 3-02e
US Army – FM 1-112 – Attack Helicopter Operations  US Army – FM 12-43 – Mines And Boobytraps
US Army – FM 21-31 – Topographic Symbols  US Army – FM 21-150 – Combatives
elements psychological aspects and survival medicine  US Army cc in0486 mountaineering techniques basic
US army cc md0703 preservation of foods  US Army cc md0715
US Army cc md0723 food deterioration  US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
US Marine Corps course – Automotive Engine Maintenance and Repair MCI 35.80a  US Marine Corps MWTC Summer Survival Course Handbook – MSVX.02.01
US Navy Seal Sniper Training Program – Manual Military Elite Doctrine Guid US_Army cc in0494 mountaineering techniques advanced  USMC Water Survival Course
USMC-summer-survival-course  USMC-winter-survival-course

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  1. maggi

    I have just downloaded so many ebooks. thanks so much for having this library available.

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