The 6 Most Valuable Survival Skills after the SHTF

In a long-term disaster situation, the majority of marketable skills people now believe are valuable in our on-the-grid world will become obsolete. When the power is down indefinitely, being a computer programmer isn’t exactly going to keep food on the table or go a long way in your survival tactics. So what survival skills will be the most valuable in a post-SHTF apocalyptic world?


This should be pretty self-explanatory. In a long term grid-down survival situation, bartering will most likely revert back to the most popular form of commerce among survivors.

*Bonus – Survival Test – Try practicing your bartering skills today at garage sales, craigslist and even some local stores to get a better deal on your preps and to prepare you for post-disaster negotiations.

Woodworking and carpentry

In a grid-down situation, or even after a natural disaster, woodworking and carpentry are invaluable skills. Something as simple as running a chainsaw to clear a road after a storm is an invaluable skill. Learning more about carpentry and woodworking today can significantly expand your survival tactics in a SHTF scenario.


With a grocery store or Wal-Mart on every corner, it’s hard to believe that at one time, people had to hunt, forage, fish or trap game in order to survive. In a long-term grid-down situation, these skills will be invaluable for putting meat on the table. Harvesting game from your local area can also make your existing preps last much longer.


Growing your own food is a rewarding pastime and will be a very important survival skill once the grid goes down and shelves are emptied at the grocery store. Many families today are taking 25% to even 50% of their yearly produce right out of their own backyard.

*Bonus – Survival Test – If you’ve never planted a garden before, start out small, plant a simple window herb garden. It will produce all year-round and can be used to make your food taste delicious or even make natural medicines.


In a long term, grid-down situation, there will be pockets all over the world where there is simply no rule of law. It then falls back on us to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it is a firearm, bow or even a slingshot, begin practicing today to become a better shot. It just may save your life.


Doctors have been a respected and valuable part of society since the first crude medicines were discovered. However, in a post SHTF scenario, doctors are going to be in short supply. Learning more about basic diseases and how to treat common injuries now will mean that you will be less reliant on someone else when it is a life or death scenario.

*Bonus – Survival Test – Every home should have a basic first aid kit (FAK). However, these kits are rarely enough and tend to be nearly useless in any serious medical situation. Stock up on antibiotics, splints, gauze and tape, iodine and peroxide for a more robust first aid kit, and don’t count out natural herbal medicines, if the grid is down long-term, it may be the only option left.


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