Red Cross Apps Guide Survivalists through Natural Disasters

Red Cross Apps Guide Survivalists through Natural Disasters

In an age where patterns of natural disasters are growing more unpredictable by the day, the need for disaster preparedness is at an all-time high. Citizen Times reported that Red Cross responds to about 70,000 catastrophes per year in the United States, but within our communities, we also need to learn to take the appropriate actions in order to persevere through those moments that threaten our lives the most. The key to survival is connectivity and access to information, and with the powers of mobile technology today, smartphone apps are the most practical way to find assistance.

Relying on mobile apps seems like it defeats the purpose of disaster preps, but the modern survivalist knows that your smartphone is the best tool to keep you on your feet. According to the owners of mobile casino portal SpinGenie, mobile internet prevails as the dominant trend on the internet landscape, increasing not only our capability to interact on a social level, but also in staying updated with climatic events.

Because of these revolutionary apps, smartphone devices have proven their use as an instrument for those brushing up on their survival skills, redefining the community’s role and readiness for times of urgency. Thus, smartphone apps are the best way to stay in the know in the face of a life-changing event.

Red Cross has a total of seven apps that will keep you updated with proper procedures and emergency information so that you can respond appropriately in the event of a natural disaster. Each app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Emergency App
For an all-in-one reference for any catastrophe, the Emergency App is the answer. It contains information on over 35 different severe weather conditions and other types of emergency situations. Users can also customize their alerts according to their areas and locations of their loved ones, so that they can monitor activity in multiple places.

Earthquake App
The global earthquake rate is on the rise, and the number of high magnitude earthquakes nearly doubled last year. With the Earthquake App, you’ll receive real-time alerts and notifications; learn how to respond in this natural disaster, while keeping your family and home safe from any further threats.

Hurricane App
This is a must-have for residents of hurricane-prone areas. Track storms and the condition in your area so that you can take the proper precautions when severe weather hits. Much like the Earthquake App, it will alert you with incoming storms and supply you with details for staying safe in this catastrophic circumstance.

Shelter Finder App
In case your emergency shelter wasn’t built to withstand whatever disaster came your way, Shelter Finder uses data from the National Shelter System and maps out the secured shelters across the country. Other than the address, the app also supplies you with details such as the agency running the shelter, capacity and current population of the shelter, among others. These details are updated within every thirty minutes, so you’ll always stay posted.

For other apps specific to a natural disaster, Red Cross also has apps for floods, tornadoes, and wildfires.

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