Prepping For a Global Pandemic

A Global Pandemic is the stuff prepper nightmares are made of. Barring a meteor ending all life on earth, a global pandemic has the highest mortality rate and the most likelihood of actually happening in our lifetime. As preppers, is there REALLY anything we can do to prep for a pandemic?

 1918 flu pandemic

The 1918 flu pandemic, otherwise known as the Spanish flu, went down in history as being one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history, killing 5% of the worlds population. The 1918 flu pandemic was a wakeup call for health professionals all over the world and has shaped the way the world looks at influenza, it’s causes and prevention techniques.

What can you do to stay alive in a global pandemic?

During a global pandemic, which is most likely to be an influenza outbreak, there are various precautions that you should take in order to keep your chances of contracting the virus as low as possible.

 Be Aware – The biggest step the average prepper can take to be prepared for a influenza outbreak is to be aware of an increased risk of wide-spread infection. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a Google Alert with the term “pandemic” or “influenza outbreak” – this will ensure that you receive daily emails about global news stories related to any pandemics, allowing you to get prepared before anyone else even knows the disaster is coming.

Cleanliness is the bane of all pandemics – stock up on hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and any other medical supplies that can effectively keep your Bug In Location sanitized.

Voluntary Quarantine – Everyone has a certain threshold for risks. If you feel that a global pandemic is imminent or has already started, there is no law preventing you from hunkering down and initiating a voluntary quarantine until you feel safe to be around others.

 Stay away from sick people – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it would surpise you just how many people do not take communicable diseases seriously. Stay away from people showing symptoms of any viruses. Refrain from shaking hands during the flu season, and always keep hand sanitizer or sanitation wipes on hand. Wiping off a door handle or drinking fountain can go a long way in keeping you infection-free.

Stay Grey-Man – A global pandemic or influenza outbreak with a high mortality rate would be the worst disaster in modern history. With so many people going unprepared for this and other disasters, diligent preppers may be targeted for their supplies. Do not attract unwanted attention to yourself before or during any disaster. Building a community is one thing, telling all your neighbors how much food you have and where your medical supplies are is simply inviting more problems in a real disaster scenario.

A global pandemic or influenza outbreak is not a matter of “if”…but “When”. History shows us that this disaster can and will present itself I the future. Prepare today, and give your family the very best chance of survival.

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