Pop Quiz! How Many Of These Top 40 Uncommon Prep Supplies Do You Stockpile?

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Everyone should have plenty of stored food, water, ammo and all the other survival essentials to bug out or go on lockdown at home for at least a month. There are however numerous prep items that go overlooked by most preppers.


In today’s post we’ll identify 40 prep items that you might not already have on hand that you’ll need to thrive in a medium to long-term disaster scenario.


Clothes line / clothes pins – When the grid goes down and you run out of clothes to wear, you’ll need an old-fashioned way to dry them.


Non-electric entertainment – Books, board games, cards…when the SHTF, these basic preps will make life just a little more bearable.


Candle wicks/wax – Even if you have a pantry full of candles, they run out a lot quicker than most people realize. Having the supplies on hand to make more can greatly extend your candle supply.


Building supplies and tools – Maintenance and construction will be a skill we’ll all need to have, along with the tools to make simple home repairs and secure building.


Sewing supplies – If your clothes get torn, you won’t be able to run to Walmart to get a spare shirt. Sewing will be an important skill if you want to keep your clothes in good condition


Firewood – Your firewood supply could literally be the difference between life and death in a major disaster. Cooking, disinfecting water and basic heating will all rely on your firewood supply.


Condoms – A major disaster is probably not the best time to add a new addition to the family.


Writing supplies – We take our phones, tablets and computers for granted these days.


Towels and handkerchiefs – napkins and paper towels won’t last forever.


Lye / borax – Lye and borax are the basic materials you need to make soap for bathing and to clean clothes.


Trash bags – a million and one different uses.


Sand and charcoal – in a long-term disaster scenario, you won’t be able to rely on stored water. It takes a lot of water to keep a family going and rainwater will only get you so far. If you’re going to collect water, you’ll need a large purification system in order to purify your water. (Your Brita pitcher isn’t going to cut it) You’ll need charcoal and sand to build a proper water purification system.


Chocolate – After living on stored foods, hunting and gardening, chocolate will be a welcome treat to any survival situation. It also makes a great bartering item.


Tarps/roofing nails/shingles – A leaking roof is no fun even in normal times. If the SHTF, there won’t be any roofing companies you can call. You’ll have to make these repairs yourself.


Razors – Unless you’re going to go for the Grizzly Adams look when the world ends, you’ll need a good supply of razors. Even better, buy a straight razor set, it will last much longer.


Crutches, cane, wheelchair – A leg injury could be a death sentence in a survival scenario. It’s a good idea to have a way to stay mobile even if you’re mending a bum leg.


Lanterns and oil – Candles are great, but lamps are better and will last longer.


Canning jars, lids and seals – All the food in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have a way to preserve it.


Extra eyeglasses – If you wear glasses and don’t want to be wandering around the post-apocalyptic world blind when they inevitably break, get some extra pairs of glasses.


Yeast – With yeast, water, sugar and flour you can easily make alcohol and bread. It won’t keep you alive forever, but at least you’ll have a good buzz and a full belly.


Feminine hygiene supplies – Ladies, I think this one is self-explanatory.


Extra footwear / shoe laces – Our relatively sedimentary lifestyle keeps our shoes and boots in good condition for a long time. When you have to be outside working all day just to survive, your footwear is going to take a toll. Unless you want to pull a Cody Lundin and walk around barefoot when your shoes inevitably fall apart, go buy some extra pairs and put them away.


Baby powder – Working all day, especially if you’re not used to it can cause painful chaffing. In an unsanitary environment it could even lead to infections. Baby powder helps immensely with chaffing.


Coveralls – Why dirty your clothes if you don’t have to? A couple pairs of coveralls will protect your clothing when you’re doing the dirty jobs.


Watches / batteries – You aren’t going to be able to pull out your cell phone to check the time when the grid goes down. Buy a cheap manual wristwatch. Not only will you be able to keep time, but you can also use it to find directions.

Very large stock pot – Planning on boiling water in a long-term grid down scenario? Unless you want to spend all day boiling a dozen batches of water, find the biggest stock pot you can get your hands on.


Battery tester – Batteries will be worth their weight in gold. Most devices will stop working when just 1 of the batteries has died. Don’t throw away all of them. Test each one and only throw away or charge the ones that are actually dead.


Safety pins – A million and one different uses.


5 gal buckets – 5 gallon buckets are a prepper staple. You should have at least a dozen of them. They can be used to store food, as a toilet, to collect rainwater and about a couple hundred other uses.


Iron-on clothing patches – Starting to get holes in your clothes? Sorry, all the clothing stores have hung their “closed for the apocalypse” signs. You’ll need a way to mend these holes. Cheap iron-on patches can extend the life of your clothes. Even without power, a hot rock will work just as well as an iron.


Solar battery charger and extra rechargeable batteries – having a good stockpile of batteries is good. Having a way to charge these batteries, even when the grid is down is even better.


Emergency dental kit – A chipped or abscessed tooth could be a death sentence in a serious disaster scenario. At the very least it could significantly lower your quality of everyday life. You’re not going to be able to just make a dentists appointment, you’ll have to take care of it yourself. Pliers, filler and other basic dental supplies should be in your preps. Hopefully you’ll never have to use them. DIY dentistry sounds painful.


Wheeled cart / wheelbarrow – In a long-term disaster scenario you’ll be doing a lot of work outside just to survive. Don’t work harder, work smarter. Use a wheeled cart to do your heavy hauling for you.


Sunburn cream – Since you’ll be spending a lot more time outside after the SHTF, you’ll need to have a good supply of sunburn cream. Alternatively you could start growing a few Aloe Vera plants in your garden to make your own.


Copper wire – various gauges – Planning to repair some of those small electronics? You’ll need some wire.


Bicycles – If the grid goes down indefinitely, cars will be a dying mode transportation when all the gas is used up. Bicycles are also a very stealthy way of transport if you have to bug out.


Fire extinguishers – Modern utilities have lowered the risks of house fires significantly. Once the grid is down, you will have to be your own fireman.


Non-electric floor sweeper / mop – Even though the world has ended there’s no reason to have a messy floor! In all seriousness, it’s important to keep your floors as neat as possible. Mold and small sharp objects are just 2 major sanitary concerns in a SHTF scenario.


Watering cans – Gardens don’t just grow on their own most of the time. Rain is unpredictable. You’ll need a couple watering cans to get water to your plants. Watering cans also make a really easy to use Solar Shower.


Mousetraps – When civilization does, the rodents will inherit the earth. You’ll need a way to fight back. Additionally, mouse traps make excellent traps for squirrels or other small game animals.

Thanks for reading everyone. Until next time, stay safe out there.



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  1. Andrew J. Jackson

    #41: Fencing supplies, baling wire, t-posts, rabbit fencing, deer fencing, fencing against 2 legged pests like barbed wire…

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