Converting Your Workplace to a Bug-In Location


We don’t get to choose when and where a disaster may strike. For those of us that head to the office every weekday morning there is a real possibility that if and when a major disaster strikes we may be sitting at our desks. Since most preppers keep the majority of their preps at home, …

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Relieving Pain with Natural Herbs and Plants

herbs and plants

Aches and pains are just a part of life. However, in a disaster scenario, these minor aches and pains could lead to disastrous mistakes in your decision-making and can make even normal survival tasks like procuring food and water a nightmare.   In good times we can always pop a couple Advil or worst case, …

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Procuring Water When Utilities Are Shut Off


 If you’ve been prepping for more than…well…a few hours, you probably understand the importance of stockpiling a source of purified water. Public utilities are fragile to say the least, and anything from inclement weather to a SHTF scenario could cause disruptions in public water.   Unfortunately, water is also one of the hardest things to …

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Pop Quiz! How Many Of These Top 40 Uncommon Prep Supplies Do You Stockpile?

pop quiz

Everyone should have plenty of stored food, water, ammo and all the other survival essentials to bug out or go on lockdown at home for at least a month. There are however numerous prep items that go overlooked by most preppers.   In today’s post we’ll identify 40 prep items that you might not already …

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How to Prep For an Upper Respiratory Infection

respiratory infection

In the next year alone, over 1 BILLION people will seek some sort of medical attention for an upper respiratory infection. It is by far the most common ailment in the world today. Although a respiratory infection shouldn’t be fatal on its own for most people, an upper respiratory infection can lead to a decreased …

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