How to Form an Effective Prepper Group

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One of the first things a new prepper typically wants to do is reach out to other like-minded people in their area about prepping and trying to form a prepper group. Unless there is an established and open group in the area, it’s often very difficult to form one of these groups. Not only are preppers by their very nature (and for good reason) cautious about discussing prepping with people they don’t already know, but unless the group is advertising and is looking to get new members, you might not even know about a group that could already be in your area.


Today we will discuss where you can find people that may be interested in joining your “group”, how you should be approaching the topic of preparedness with people and why most people that set up groups are going about it the wrong way.


Where do I find people for my prepper group?


It’s fairly easy to find fellow preppers if you pay attention and use common sense. Below is a list of places both online and offline that you could potentially find several people to start or join your group.



How to approach the subject of prepping with new people


One thing I’ve noticed since starting my own preparedness journey is that people are much more open about discussing prepping online than they are offline. Talking to a new person face to face about prepping is often times awkward and unproductive. Meeting someone at the local gun range and immediately asking about long-term storage foods or how many medical supplies they have on hand is probably not the best way to broach the subject of prepping with someone you’ve just met.


Instead of bringing up the topic of prepping directly, approach it from another angle. Talk about hunting, fishing, firearms etc. There’s really no need to even mention the word “prepper” at all in these initial conversations. In fact, some of my closest “prepper” friends absolutely hate being called “preppers”. They hunt, they’re into guns, they store food, grow big gardens… but not because they’re “preppers”, but because those are just things they’ve always done or they’ve realized that they are good skills to have.


Whether or not they’re preppers by name…they’re still preppers, and even though we don’t have a formal “prepper group” we absolutely have each other’s backs during good times and bad… It’s just understood.


Why far too many people have the wrong idea about prepping groups


A lot of preppers (especially the Doomsday, “SHTF is right around the corner” types) seem to think that a prepper group means that there’s an unconditional agreement that a group of people are going to band together when the inevitable zombie apocalypse, EMP or Pandemic finally happens, and that they will singlehandedly rebuild the post-apocalyptic world with a apparently never-ending stockpile of MRE’s and ammunition.

Give me a break!


You’d be far better off eliminating the term “prepper group” from your vocabulary right now. It’s not going to help you reach your goal of finding like-minded people and the people you will find will likely be the kind of people you don’t want to be around anyway.


Let’s think about this from a more practical perspective.

What are you trying to accomplish with this group?


If you are so sure that the SHTF disaster is right around the corner then you’re already too late setting up a group. Real relationships of any kind take months or years to really develop. I don’t know about you, but just because someone tells me they’re a prepper doesn’t mean I just immediately trust them, want to be their friend or would have their back during a disaster. It’s highly likely the people you are planning to face the end of the world with don’t trust you either unless you’ve known then for quite a while.


Instead of focusing so much on these prepper “groups” just start talking to people and forming a real community. Calling yourself a prepper doesn’t make you one and calling yourself a prepper group doesn’t mean anything either. It doesn’t benefit you or the other people to keep throwing the word “prepper” around at all. It will however, hurt your chances of bringing in anyone that doesn’t want to be known as a prepper or doesn’t understand what prepping really is.


Continuing to throw around the word “prepper” is however, a really good way to attract people that honestly have no real preparedness skills and that buy a bunch of tacti-cool gear and eat MRE’s while switching back and forth between reruns of Doomsday Preppers Doomsday Castle. You’re likely to never talk about anything other than prepping with each other. That’s not a friendship. That’s just two people talking about prepping for the sake of talking about prepping. It’s not accomplishing anything, and when times really do get tough there is no base of loyalty or friendship that’s going to keep them around.


My advice: Stop worrying about forming these prepper “groups:. Just get out there are start talking to people. Get involved in hobbies that involve preparedness related skills. Find others that enjoy these hobbies and just talk to them, break bread, go have a beer. Talk to them about their work, their families, golf, politics…in short, talk to them about anything and don’t use the word “prepper”. If it gets bought up then that’s great, but forming relationships solely on the idea of a “prepper group” is short-sided.


You could very well lose out on the opportunity to make a good friend just because you’re too concerned about zombies, pandemics and what the latest SHTF articles tell you to do. They’re not just preppers, they’re people too, and if you really want them to be around in a disaster to help you, you’re going to have to develop a friendship based on trust and mutual interests, not SHTF and Doomsday fear.

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