Free Stainless Steel Wallet Survival Tool!!!

FREE Wallet Survival Tool

OK, so you have to pay $3 for shipping. However, I don’t see any of the cheaper ones on Amazon with free shipping options, so depending on where you are, this is about 50-75% off of what you’d pay for this usually even on Amazon…and it’s just a good idea to have one in case of an emergency.

Thanks to Survival Life for originally posting this!


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  1. Rob

    Can i purchase several of these?

  2. Tim Maynard

    This will be a fine addition to my preps.
    Thank you. Tim

  3. dave

    hi. can you please post a photo of the survival tool and also a link to purchase it? there is nothing referencing it on the page, simply a paragraph telling that there is a $3 fee for shipping. Thanks, dave

    1. Ready4ItAll

      Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. You can find the Survival Life wallet tool at https://secure.survivallife.com/landing/survival-business-cards/

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