Free eBook of the day – Personal Survival Wilderness Medical Kit

personal wilderness medical kit

Today we have a free ebook for you guys called the “Personal Wilderness Medical Kit” written by the Wilderness EMS Institute. This is probably the most in-depth free ebook out there for putting together a survival medical kit.


This is a revised version of the book so there have been several additions and improvements from the original version.


This book contains

  • How to pick the best case for your first aid kit
  • What specific medications belong in your survival medical kit
  • What medical supplies belong in your survival medical kit
  • F.A.Q. from the medical professionals at the Wilderness EMS Institute


This isn’t your typical 1000 word general article about the importance of medical supply prepping. This is a 26 page manual written by medical professionals about what you should be prepping for a professional wilderness medical kit. If you’re not going to buy a pricey $100+ medical textbook (that you’ll probably never use) THIS is the book you need for your survival or prepper library.


Download the book from us absolutely free. No gimmicks, no catches.

Click here to download —-> Personal Wilderness Medical Kit


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