Cheap and Easy Way to Add to Your Water Storage


Water storage is unfortunately one of the most under appreciated prep items and usually lands pretty far down on the list for long term storables. A years-worth of beans and rice, MRE’s and pasta are great, but kind of worthless without an abundant source of clean water to cook them in. Unfortunately, if you are like a lot of preppers, you don’t have the room, or it’s just not practical to use large, 250 gallon water tanks.

Being an apartment dweller myself, I have to get creative with a lot of my prep storage, especially with water. Typically I would get large, 3gallon water “cubes” with a faucet from the big box stores, and although these are great, they seem a little pricey for what you can get for pennies out of the tap. Plus, although they stack quite easily, they’re too big to go under the bed and my closets are bulging at the seams already with the rest of my preps.

Then, as I was throwing a diet Pepsi bottle in the recycle bin the other day, I had an epiphany. Why buy hundreds of gallons of water that come in these expensive, hard to store blocks, when I’m literally throwing away a perfectly good water storage vessel right now?

2 liter bottles and gallon milk/juice/tea jugs are a great alternative to more expensive water storage options. Simply tear off the label, rinse them out a few times (to get rid of the taste of whatever was in there) and then fill them straight from the tap. By my calculations, I can fit about 128 – 2 liter bottles under the bed, which comes out to almost 68 gallons of fresh drinking water. With 3 beds in the apartment, this comes out to over 200 gallons (or well over a month’s worth) of water that takes up next to no usable space.

The best part, this costs virtually nothing if you use 2liters, gallon jugs, or any other plastic drink container on a daily basis. It’s also a great way to keep a ton of plastic out of the landfills.

So, next time you’re ready to throw out that next milk jug or 2 liter, think about water preparedness. Fill up that bottle and stick it under the bed. One day… it just might save your life.

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  1. shelly

    im new at this I was wondering if you empty and refill all your water bottles every six months bc I have read that water is only good for six months when stored

    1. Ready4ItAll

      Hi shelly, I dont empty them…ive heard that too but ive also heard from some pretty reputable people in the prepper community that its perfectly fine indefinitely as long as its kept in a temperature stable, dark place.

  2. markww

    Water , Water does not go bad if it is clean,last for years. Usually all anyone has to do is pour water into another container back and forth and this adds oxygen back into the stored water

  3. Jackson

    Don’t use old milk or juice containers. They leave residue, bacteria and other proteins that will inhibit the water safety. 2liter and other plastic bottles are ok to use, but you should put a drop or two of bleach in each of them to take care of any bugs that might be in your city water supply.

  4. grayfox114

    Another absolutely great use for these empty bottles: Wash them out, maybe a few drops of bleach to sterilize, then let them dry, completely. Use them to store rice, grains, anything that will fit. With an O2 absorber, they are vermin/weevil proof, cn be bounced around and with a rope handle they can be carried easily!

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