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5 Steps to Building a Pantry Stockpile You Can Be Proud Of


When I first got into prepping I did what a lot of new preppers do. I went out and started buying as much extra food as possible. It didn’t take long for my pantry to start to fill up, and within a month or so I was pretty proud of the 30 day(ish) stockpile I …

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Bugout Route Planning – Being Safe and Supplied On the Road

route planning

The debate about bugging out and bugging in is as old as prepping itself. There are advantages and disadvantages to each strategy, but the reality is that in order to be truly prepared for any local disaster scenario, you need to be prepared to do both depending on the situation.   In today’s post we’re …

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Collapses don’t happen overnight

The possibility of a complete societal collapse has kept more than one prepper up at night. The idea that one day our modern society will no longer be able to support itself and that chaos and violence will replace our cushy daily lives is actually the driving motivation for a lot of preppers out there. …

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Converting Your Workplace to a Bug-In Location


We don’t get to choose when and where a disaster may strike. For those of us that head to the office every weekday morning there is a real possibility that if and when a major disaster strikes we may be sitting at our desks. Since most preppers keep the majority of their preps at home, …

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Relieving Pain with Natural Herbs and Plants

herbs and plants

Aches and pains are just a part of life. However, in a disaster scenario, these minor aches and pains could lead to disastrous mistakes in your decision-making and can make even normal survival tasks like procuring food and water a nightmare.   In good times we can always pop a couple Advil or worst case, …

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