5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Silver Even If Nothing Goes Wrong


Silver and other precious metals are a pretty controversial topic with preppers. I usually see at least one discussion/argument every day about whether or not it’s a good idea to add silver into your preps.


If you’ve read some of my past articles you know that I am very much in the pro-silver camp. However, my reasons for investing in silver are not the typical reasons you’d see in these debates.



Typically these debates go something like this:

“I have silver as part of my preps, it will be valuable when SHTF”

Silver will be worthless in a SHTF disaster, you can’t eat it, can’t drink it and no one’s going to trade for it

“ Nuh-uh, Silver’s been around for a bazillion years, it’s always been valuable and always will be.”

“Not when SHTF it won’t! I only care about 1 precious metal… copper jacketed lead!”


“You’re wrong!”


No you’re wrong!”


Blah blah blah…This debate is endless.


What’s ironic is that both sides of this argument could be right. Since the sky isn’t falling just yet there’s really no way to tell how valuable silver will be in a SHTF scenario. However, honestly, I don’t really care about that. I don’t invest in silver so that one day I can be king of the apocalyptic economy; I invest in silver because it makes sense to invest in silver now, especially if you’re a prepper.


In today’s post I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should at least be considering silver as a part of your preps, even if we never see a SHTF or collapse type of scenario.


  •  Hedging your bets – “Hedging” is just a fancy term for not putting all your eggs into one basket. When it comes to investments, you should NEVER have your entire nest egg sitting in one type of investment. If the market crash of 2008 taught us anything, it’s that even strong investment markets can go very bad very quickly.Millions of people lost A LOT of money when the markets receded. Had they spread out their risk into other areas (like silver or other precious metals) they very easily could have made up for their losses in the stock market or even made a profit with the huge jump silver took during that time.

    As preppers, we should be preparing for financial disasters just as much as any other type of disaster, which means you should be spreading your investments around. There are very few investments better than silver during a tough economic time. If we do experience another deep recession (and I predict we will) silver could be the saving grace of your investment portfolio.


  • Inflation – I don’t think I need to tell anyone out there that the prices of pretty much everything is going up at an alarming rate. A dollar simply doesn’t buy what it used to. Thanks to our “friends” in the Federal Reserve, inflation is running rampant.

    The way the financial markets are looking now, and with the fed printing more money than it ever has before, our dollar is going to continue to lose more and more value every year. Silver, although still a volatile market could be the answer. It could very well become the case that silver could retain more value over time than cash will.


  •  Physical asset – In the digital age, precious metals are quickly becoming one of the last REAL, physical assets that you can buy that are still easily exchangeable for cash. I like investing in things I can touch more than things that I can’t. If something were ever to happen to the power grid, financial systems, you name it, that silver is still going to be in my lockbox and I won’t need a computer, phone or even a power source to get to it.

    As long as it doesn’t get stolen and I’m still breathing, I still have a tangible and valuable asset. If something ever happened to the global financial networks and people couldn’t get into their money, I can still easily exchange my silver for cash or other goods.

  • Anonymous bartering – I’m sure it’s not shock to anyone that .gov now apparently has complete authority to look in on pretty much every part of your life, even your financial records. Everything you buy could potentially be tracked. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want .gov knowing about my preps or any other information if I can avoid it.

    Silver changes the game. As far as I know there are no wifi adapter or RFID chips in my pre ’65 quarters or silver eagles. If I wanted to take my silver and exchange it privately with someone for a firearm, survival gear, vehicle or any other prep item, no one has to know. It’s completely anonymous.


  • Because I can, that’s why – The last reason I invest in silver is more personal. The government has mandated that silver is NOT currency. According to them their paper bills that are nothing more than government IOU’s for money that our children’s children will be stuck paying off is the only “money” that we should be using.I disagree. Silver has been a currency for the majority of human history. It’s rare, it gains its value by its rarity and the energy it takes to mine it and refine it into various forms and unlike our dollars, the free market determines its value.

    Maybe it sounds childish, but one of the reasons I invest in silver is simply because for every dollar in silver I have, that’s another dollar’s worth of value I’ve taken back from the government. Government wants to control every single monetary transaction it possibly can, and if I can do even one small thing to take back some of that control for myself, well then it’s worth it in my book.


Alternative currencies like precious metals, Bit Coin and good, old-fashioned bartering are a look into our future in my opinion. It’s a proof of concept that more and more people are starting realize is a very possible alternative to our broken currency system.


At some point down the road the government will no longer be able to kick the preverbal can of our economy. It could be that these ‘alternative” currencies become just as common as cash. No one is going to be able to tell for sure until we get to that point.


However, in the meantime, it would be silly to ignore the obvious benefits of silver and other precious metals simply because you don’t think the roaming, post-apocalyptic traders won’t let you trade it for canned goods.


The sky isn’t falling quite yet, so let’s make sure we’re not buying into the Doomsday hype and letting our financial preparations suffer.


I am extremely pleased to announce that JM Bullion, one of the most dependable and reasonably-priced precious online metals dealers is now an official sponsor of Ready4itall.org. If you’re interested in adding precious metals into your preps, look no further than JM Bullion.  

Thanks for reading everyone, stay safe out there!



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  1. d mo

    Silver is NOT currency, it IS money.
    Currency is that scrip that they print to rob you and me of our purchasing power…
    BIG difference!

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