The Boy that Cried Wolf on Facebook

I’ve always thought that one of the more humorous parts of growing into adulthood and becoming a parent is that inevitably, at some point, you will say something along the lines of:   “What the hell is wrong with kids today?”   Blaming the younger generation for all of the world’s problems is a time-honored …

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Can a Wood Gasifier Really Be a Reliable Energy Source?


A few years back I fell in love with a show called “The Colony” on the Discovery Channel. If you haven’t seen it before, this reality show takes a group of seemingly random people and drops them into the middle of a staged, post-apocalyptic pandemic scenario.   The colonists are left in a desolate urban …

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Lightening the Load and Becoming Less Reliant On Gear

lightening the load

I saw a conversation in a preppers group on Facebook the other day that got me thinking about something. The conversation started with someone obviously very new to all this asking probably the most common beginner’s question there is about prepping. “I’m putting together a bugout bag, what do I need to put in it?” …

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The NO-B.S. Breakdown of Aquaponics


Harvesting food from Aquaponics seems to be a topic that a lot of preppers and homesteaders are interested in today. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation, grandstanding and downright B.S. out there about the realities of aquaponics. Today we’re going to dive right in and separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to …

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Don’t Give Up On Gardening – 4 Common Culprits for Gardening Failures


Nearly every prepper “authority” out there will tell you that in order to be truly self-sufficient, whether during a SHTF disaster or even just day to day life, you need a way to produce your own food and that the most efficient way to do that is gardening. I definitely agree with that.   Gardening …

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