Pop Quiz! How Many Of These Top 40 Uncommon Prep Supplies Do You Stockpile?

pop quiz

Everyone should have plenty of stored food, water, ammo and all the other survival essentials to bug out or go on lockdown at home for at least a month. There are however numerous prep items that go overlooked by most preppers.   In today’s post we’ll identify 40 prep items that you might not already …

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How to Prep For an Upper Respiratory Infection

respiratory infection

In the next year alone, over 1 BILLION people will seek some sort of medical attention for an upper respiratory infection. It is by far the most common ailment in the world today. Although a respiratory infection shouldn’t be fatal on its own for most people, an upper respiratory infection can lead to a decreased …

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Top 3 Plants That Will Save You the Most Money on Groceries When Grown At Home


One reason why a lot of preppers get into gardening is because they believe that growing their own vegetables will not only be a healthier option than buying produce from the grocery store, but that growing their own will also save them loads of money. (There’s also the not-so-small matter of knowing how to actually …

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Deadly Strain Of Ebola On The Rise, Are You Prepared For A Pandemic?


Recent news stories have confirmed that the deadly Zaire strain of the Ebola virus has claimed 78 deaths out of 122 suspected cases in the areas surrounding Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, causing authorities to close all border crossings “until further notice”.   The Zaire strain was first discovered 38 years ago in the Republic …

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60 Second Preparedness LifeHack – Make your car a contact in your phone


Most mobile devices today have a feature to include notes for each of the contacts in your phone. This feature can be used as an extremely useful mobile reference tool if you ever need quick access to information about your vehicle. This could be a huge time saver if you have to file an insurance …

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